Mandilicious – Cuisine of Arabia

Mandilicious is the first food franchise brand to serve the traditional GCC cuisine of Arabia in modern settings, like shopping malls’ food courts.

Just a name and an idea in the mind of its founder, he wanted the brand to reflect the tradition and authenticity of the Gulf region yet have the appeal of a modern food chain

The brand:

  • Mandilicious Logo
  • Mandilicious Brandbook
  • Mandilicious Brandbook
  • Mandilicious Logo

Inspired by Arabia, we designed the brand using the colors of the desert/its surrounding environment, and an ornament derived from Yemeni architecture. We customized the Kufic calligraphy writing style for Arabic and created a new typeface for English.


Nawaf was born to be the ambassador of Mandilicious. He is a fun, loving and active 12 and half years old kid who enjoys telling stories about the Arabian culture and activities, which always ends up with a delicious Arabian meal at Mandilicious.

  • Nawaf the Arabian Knight
  • Nawaf the Pearl Diver
  • Nawaf the Falconer
  • Nawaf the Coffee Maker
  • Nawaf the Poet


We designed the website to be simple, clutter-less and user-friendly with a clear focus on the most important elements of the brand and the business: food, locations and brand messages.

The product (the food) was the number one priority, and therefore we designated a unique page for each main meal which contained detailed and comprehensive info about the dish.

  • Mandilicious Home Page
  • Mandilicious Menu Page
  • Mandilicious Dish Details Page
  • Mandilicious Nawaf Page